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healthy eating

Top Diet Tips for Healthy Teeth

You may be surprised to discover that there is more to taking care of your teeth than simply brushing twice a day and using mouthwash. One of the biggest influences on the final condition of your teeth is what you eat and drink during the day, and so it makes sense for your dentist to…

bulk billing dentist gold coast

How Bulk Billing Works for Dental

Pimpama City Dental Centre is your go-to for premier dental care on the Gold Coast. We can do just about anything for you, including cleaning and examining your teeth, whitening, implants, veneers, crowns, bridges, extractions and emergency dental procedures. We can treat both children and adults and are always available to help you get your…

baby teeth

Paediatric Dentistry- Facts to Consider

Babies’ teeth start to develop before they are even born. However, the baby teeth are usually not visible until around 6 months of age. As the child matures, more teeth will develop until they have a full set at usually around 3 years old. Baby teeth are important foundations for our adult teeth to grow…

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Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Energy drinks have been on the rise, taking up more and more space on grocery store shelves. These drinks promise to jump-start your day, give you more energy and make you feel more alert. However, they also do a lot more than that. They also do a good job of stripping your teeth of enamel….

dental care pregnancy

Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

Pregnancy can be the cause of dental problems in some women, such as increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. With correct dental hygiene and care during pregnancy, you can hopefully avoid these problems. There are many causes of dental health issues during pregnancy. Sometimes they are caused by vomiting from morning sickness or…

Dental Hygiene

8 Great Dental Hygiene Tips

Your mouth serves many functions like smiling, chewing and speaking. Dental health is also directly related to your overall body health. Discoloured teeth, broken teeth, gum infection and other dental problems can also affect your self-confidence. With this in mind, maintaining good dental hygiene is extremely important. Below is a list of 10 useful tips to…

dental trauma

Dental Trauma

Sports injuries, playground accidents, mishaps at home and car collisions are among the more common causes of dental trauma. Some dental problems need to be treated as soon as possible, while others can wait a few days. Do you know which is which? The team at Pimpama City Dental Centre are here to help with…

4 Reasons Why You Have Sensitive Teeth

Do you avoid drinking hot beverages or eating cold food because of sensitivity? If you answered yes, then it may be the time to let the friendly team at our Dental Clinic Pimpama get to the bottom of this painful condition. Research published in the Australia Dental Journal suggests that 1 in 5 dental visits…

The Importance of Dental Visits from a Young Age

Nurturing our children’s teeth and oral health during all stages of development, from baby teeth to permanent teeth is an important factor in the child’s overall health and wellbeing. Teaching your children the importance of brushing and caring for their teeth from a very early age can instil these behaviours into them for a lifetime….